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Delay Trees return with their third full length album Readymade. The follow up to the much loved Doze album finds the band trading in their signature atmospheric sound with a focus on crafted melodic pop.

A few words from Rami of Delay Trees on their new album Readymade:

”The few people who have heard ’Readymade’ have said it’s our best release yet and I have to agree with them.Recording and writing it was exceptionally easy. The songs basically wrote themselves. When we hit the studio we just tried our best to copy the vibe of the first demos, trusted our intuition on everything and did very few takes on each song. We wanted to call the album ’Readymade’, since it felt very much like we had just found the songs instead of writing them. It’s like we had found a way to a mystical sphere of music that had overtaken us by surprise. After Doze’s dreamy soundscapes we’re glad we were able to create something different in the vein of the arpeggio laden jangly indie rock we’ve always loved. Playing together feels fresh once again and we’re very much looking forward to what lies ahead. “

Release Date: 10 January 2014
Label: Soliti
Length: 36:00

Track Listing
01 Intro (1:05)
02 Fireworks (3:46)
03 Steady (4:11)
04 Sister (3:25)
05 Woods(4:29)
06 Perfect Heartache(3:35)
07 The Howl (4:47)
08 Big Sleep (3:23)
09 The Atlantic (7:11)


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