Let Go (CD)


Let Go (CD)

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A limited amount of 'Let Go' will appear on CD through cAPS LOCK HELSINKI.

Delay Trees: Let Go (CD)


Delay Trees release their fourth album Let Go on the 24th March 2017. A more direct Delay Trees album, Let Go finds the band in their most melodic moment, with a  keen sense of songcraft whilst playing to the strengths of the classic Delay Trees sound. 

This coming Autumn 2017, Delay Trees celebrate 10 years as a going concern. Four is a key number for the Delay Trees; Let Go is their 4th album, the album cover also consists of 4 ‘pillars’ that “could portray our albums as well as ourselves, the same group of four we’ve been all along”. The band bring some more insight into Let Go.

In the past few years we’ve experienced painful losses in our personal lives. We’ve been pushed to the limits and forced to deal with demons we hadn’t quite faced before. Let Go is a manifest to that struggle. The songs are our effort to try and understand the ever-changing nature of our selves, of life and of “the everyday” we often feel disoriented by. It Is a ”goodbye” to memories and a ”hello” to a fresh start.

Let Go is not avant-garde in any way, it’s actually the same type of melancholic pop we’ve been making throughout our now 10 year old career, but its pain and beauty is truly ”lived”. It may be full of heartbreak and feelings of being lost but it’s also an album of new beginnings and new you’s.

We recorded the album with our long term partner in crime Julius Mauranen at Mankku-studios in Porvoo and at Studio Kekkonen in Helsinki during the summer of 2016.

Additional recordings took place in Hämeenlinna at ’Odd Jazz’ studios. The album was mixed by Julius Mauranen and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde. All of the songs are written and produced by Rami Vierula except 'Hum’ by Onni Oikari.”

  • Delay Trees are:
  • Rami Vierula - Vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Lauri Järvinen - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Onni Oikari - Drums and percussion, guitar, backing vocals and lead vocals on ”Hum”.
  • Sami Korhonen - Bass guitar

“Delay Trees have the gift of crafting a superb autumnal pop song”. Prefix

Delay Trees: Let Go (Soliti 061) Release date 24.03.2017


1.  Black Ice
2. Phases
3. Brightest Eyes
4. Best Things
5. Sound Of Darkness
6. Blame It On The Snow
7. It’s Not Who You Are
8. Pale July
9. Hum
10. Hope

Watch the videos for Brightest Eyes and It’s Not Who You Are

Delay Trees play the Let Go album launch show at Helsinki’s Everyday Is Like Sunday/Siltanen club on the 28th March 2017. More shows for April to be announced.


Singles from "Let Go"

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